CareSumatra Ranger Program

The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place on earth where the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan, tiger, elephant and rhinoceros coexist.

Facing an ever increasing threat from poaching and habitat destruction, there has never been greater urgency to increase protection of these magnificent species.

Our dedicated Community Ranger Team will patrol forests, dismantle snares, and support forest fringe communities to protect this crucial ecosystem, which could mean the difference between their extinction and survival.


Our Community Ranger Program was established in 2019 to protect this critical wildlife buffer zone in the Leuser Ecosystem adjacent to the UNESCO Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to protect and conserve the rare and endangered orangutan, tiger and other native fauna and flora that occurs in this fragile wildlife buffer zone and is to be achieved through patrols, education, community participation, conservation programs and by helping local communities find sustainable alternative income opportunities to enable them to coexist with the threatened and endangered species that occur in this area.

The local communities, indigenous farmers and biodiversity will all benefit from this program as rangers will:

  • patrol this wildlife buffer zone, removing traps and snares;
  • work with local farmers to resolve human-wildlife conflict in non-harmful ways, including orangutan, tiger and sun bear conflicts;
  • implement a camera trap program;
  • monitor illegal hunting and poaching activities;
  • collect valuable mapping and animal data to broaden the understanding of the ecosystem and wildlife occurring in the area;
  • educate and partner with forest fringe communities to achieve agreed conservation outcomes.

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