Batu Kapal Conservation Program is located in North Sumatra in a critical wildlife buffer zone adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park occurring on private landholdings.


OUR OBJECTIVE is to protect and conserve the the rare and endangered orangutan and the native fauna and flora that occurs in this wildlife corridor that exists on private landholdings and the public land through the caves and cliffs from the Bat Cave near Bukit Lawang through Batu Kapal to Selang Pangeran


OUR PURPOSE is to ensure the long term survival of animals that live in this Wildlife Biolink, by protecting the ecosystem needed for their survival.



  1. Surveying, mapping and monitoring the area, habitats and animals with GPS.
  2. To identify existing private landholdings, there primary land use and the extant native vegetation.
  3. To map orangutan habitation, large tree corridors and food forage areas. To map known orangutan and primate movement pathways with GPS.
  4. To develop a full species list for fauna and flora. To identify the ecosystem service provided by each subject. With a view to developing a better understanding of what is missing. To establish recovery programmes for threatened and vulnerable species.
  5. Create wildlife corridors to reconnect orangutan and animal habitats between the national park and the nature buffer zone on private lands as per the project plan
  6. Develop best practice agriculture and ecotourism activities which have minimum impact on the surrounding environment