An amazing place!

Andrea – volunteered in 2019

I came as a volunteer for a week to help with the Batu Kapal Conservation Project. This is a beautiful piece of jungle an a cave system located right accross the river and the Gunung Leuser National Park. We were monitoring and identifying wild Sumatran Orangutans. We saw big groups of 4, 5, even 7 on one same day, sometimes out of the property window munching on the sugar cane and in some other occasions just a few steps away on the massive Ficus trees the property has. This is because the project aims to grow as many fruit trees as possible in order to creat a corridor for Orangutans to feed. To make this experience even more magical, an orangutan we’ve been following closely gave birth to a lovely little one that I could name “Suri”, as I discovered her the next day she was born. These days wouldn’t have been the same without our jungle staff and guests. Edy cooks every meal that go from noodles, fresh fruit to delicious curries, he loves to sing every evening, dance and play with us. Reva, our guide is always filled with energy and positive spirit ready to take us on jungle walks, or to visit schools. Embra is an amazing, incredible character, a tracker who helped us every morning to spot Orangutans and wildlife during the night walks, he is just so nice, learning English little by little and trying to show you as much as possible. The project is still new and it’s still being polished. The rest of the staff is eager to learn, as there is no shortage of ideas. Bring your conservation and education ideas and a few table games!

Excellent learning about/doing important work

Kyle, Canada Oct 2018

The team who hosted us made a real home for us. I travelled solo, but other volunteers were overlapping. Sue gave great communication leading up to, and while at the site. We got to do all of the activities described: observation walks, collecting data on monkey sighting, tree planting and nursery tree care, visit a school in Bukit Lawang. Lots of seeing the wildlife around the conservation site. Opportunities to go into Batu Kapal and see sights there or around the area were available anytime. If I wanted to do something specific for the project, I could ask and it would be worked out. The food prepared by Edi and Embera was outstanding, and it was fun to play cards with them and Santa and learn some Indonesian or teach some English. The team really cares about the work being done. It was inspiring to hear from Santa about the visions for the long-term of the project. Encouraging more work like this is important. Would love to do it again.

Absolutely wonderful

Eugene, France June 2018

For the young teenager I am, this 3 weeks trip was the best ever. From the welcoming to the local mood, everything was very warm ! This travel has for sure changed my perception on the world, especially on the way people can live in wild places. Then the project owner is very nice and generous : by creating schools and jobs for local people she tries to change their life, and we can easily feel it when these people want to share all the things they have with you. So, on the one hand this trip is very helpful for science studies (observations, conclusions, knowledge, interaction with wildlife) and on the other hand it has a very positive impact on my social comportment, I have met people who make me want to go back to this place ! (And the food is delicious!)

Great Experience

Jasmine, Indonesia July 2018

It was great experience for me to see animals in a real wildlife. Don’t expect to see orangutans and other animals every time you go trekking because it’s not a zoo, so just enjoy the beautiful views there. The people are really nice and the foods are delicious!